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Church-Minister Relations

The Office of Church-Minister Relations, located on the second floor of the Frost Building, provides assistance to students and alumni seeking ministry opportunities on the local, state, and national levels through a program entitled Ministry Connections. Individuals interested in finding a place of service are encouraged to contact this office for counsel, resume development, and information. Interviews are conducted throughout the year by churches and organizations seeking additional staff members.

Off-Campus Employment

Many local employers prefer seminarians and their spouses as employees. A list of job openings in the community is maintained in the Financial Aid Office, located in the Fred Luter Jr. Student Center, and is available at the NOBTS website under Financial Aid. The Financial Aid Office is a point of reference for students and spouses seeking information about jobs.

On-Campus  Employment

Applications for on-campus jobs are available in the Business Office, located in the Fred Luter Jr. Student Center. These applications are valid for 90 days. The Business Office does not maintain a list of job openings for on- campus employment.