Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling

Major Overview

The Psychology and Counseling major is one of the newer majors in Leavell College. Leavell College faculty developed the major based on feedback from students who desired a concentration in counseling. The 24-hour major consists of courses in both counseling and psychology, providing the student with a balanced approach to a counseling ministry. Students who earn this major position themselves well for a smooth transition into the graduate counseling programs offered by NOBTS. For further information, the student may contact Dr. Brooke Osborn at

Psychology and Counseling Major (24 hours)



Introduction to Psychology
Ministry Through Life Crises
Abnormal Psychology
Social Problems
Theological Implications of Mental Illness


Psychology/Counseling Electives

Psychology Focus:
Choose at least one of the following:
Health Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Psychology of Religion

Counseling Focus:
Choose at least one of the following:
Human Development
Contemporary Approaches to Marriage and Family Counseling
Complex Developmental Trauma
Special Topics in Psychology/Counseling