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Student Organizations

A number of student organizations function under the umbrella of the Campus Life Office with the approval of the Administrative Council of the seminary. These organizations provide opportunities for service, friendship development, and personal growth. Various organizations on the campus minister to the spiritual as well as the social needs of the students. While care is exercised not to organize excessively so as to interfere with the study of the students, ample opportunity for the social and spiritual development of the seminary family is provided.

DEAD PREACHERS SOCIETY - The purpose of the Dead Preachers Society is to encourage preachers in the passionate proclamation of His Word through weekly meetings and other special events.

FELLOWSHIP OF BLACK SEMINARIANS - FBS exists to provide fellowship opportunities and encouragement for Black students of both Leavell College and NOBTS.

NOBTS STUDENT COUNSELOR ASSOCIATION  - This student association seeks to share the diversified skills and talents of our peer group in order to provide an atmosphere that will aid us in our professional development, and encourage us as we pursue the call of God in a counseling ministry. We seek to provide opportunities for training and certification in various counseling skills areas. The NOBTS Student Counselor Association welcomes students/faculty of all backgrounds who are interested.

SOCIETY FOR WOMEN IN SCHOLARSHIP - The NOBTS Society for Women in Scholarship is an academic society that brings together current Doctoral and Graduate students as well as women faculty, alumni, and friends of the NOBTS academic community to develop academic gifts, strengthen scholarly practices, and promote contributions to the academy.

STUDENT THEOLOGICAL FELLOWSHIP - The Student Theological Fellowship is a student-led organization that seeks to encourage students to think theologically and minister more effectively. This fellowship promotes academic and social networking by providing a forum for both critical reflection on theological issues and collegial interaction.

TOGETHER - Together is the name of Women's Life programming here are NOBTS and Leavell College.  Together exists to create life-giving spaces for all women to regularly connect with one another, be strengthened in their walk with Christ, and encouraged as they serve in ministry. We offer monthly opportunities to meet together, worship together, study the Bible together, serve together, and so much more. Check out to learn more about the schedule and vision of Together, and to meet our leadership team. 

For more information about NOBTS’ student organizations contact the Campus Life Office at 816-8427.