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Michael & Sara Moskau Institute of Archeology
Center for Archaeological Research

Executive Director, Dr. James O. Parker

The Center for Archaeological Research serves to encourage the scholarly development and research of the seminary faculty and to train and inspire a new generation of biblical scholars to engage in current research in the disciplines of biblical archaeology and biblical studies. The Center for Archaeological Research was established as a Southern Baptist effort to provide a presence in the field and impact the discipline of biblical archaeology.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has a long history of involvement in Biblical Archaeology. For over half a century, seminary professors have served as directors and field supervisors for students who have participated in various archaeological research and field schools such as Aphek, Beersheba, Tel Masos, Batash–Timnah, Tel Qasile, Tel Beth Shean, and Tel Rehov. In addition, NOBTS has been a consortium member at Tel Aphek and Tel Batash. The current director brings a wealth of experience and direction to the archaeology program at NOBTS.

The seminary offers a variety of concentrations and minors related to the field of archaeology. A concentration in Biblical Backgrounds is available with the MDiv in Biblical Studies and the MA (Biblical Studies). A minor in the field is offered through the ThM degree, and a PhD minor is available with five doctoral seminars offered in the area.

Currently, the Center for Archaeological Research is participating in the Tel Hadid Expedition where it has been involved in excavation structures dating to Iron II and the Exile. In the Summer 2010, NOBTS began excavating the ancient water system of Gezer in conjunction with the National Parks Authority of Israel, and the excavation work concluded after the 2018 season. The Moskau Institute is currently working toward publishing the findings the excavation.

The center supports the field training at Tel Hadid, providing students with an opportunity to participate in scholarly research, participate in an overseas study program, and visit the Lands of the Bible. The Center will also develop and provide resources for students who are in Biblical Studies, Bible Backgrounds, and Archaeology programs at the seminary.

Museum of the Bible and Archaeology

The Center for Archaeological Research now holds the collection of artifacts from the archaeology museum formerly housed at the John T. Christian Library. This collection with the various artifact study collections of faculty will be the basis for the program’s artifact study collection. In addition, an extensive collection of maps, digital images, slides, and videos is also a part of the seminary’s archaeological holdings.

Contact Dr. Parker concerning research and study opportunities or for more information about the Center for Archaeological Research by phone at 205.307.9831, by e-mail at, or via the website at