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Landrum P. Leavell II Center for Evangelism & Church Health

Directed by Dr. Preston L. Nix

Statistics show that many of our SBC churches are not experiencing healthy church growth. Most new members in Baptist churches are from someone else’s church, and most churches have no clearly defined strategy for making disciples by moving unsaved and unchurched people through conversion to the image of Jesus Christ.

The Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health, as a ministry of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, seeks to be informed by such statistics, looks to the LORD of the Church for His expectations, then faithfully seeks to make a difference through evangelism, church growth, and church health strategies.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary operates the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health, the first facility of its kind in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Named for our seventh president, Dr. Landrum P. Leavell II, the Leavell Center exists as the Seminary’s ministry to churches, agencies, and institutions of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our purpose is to assist Southern Baptist churches, agencies, and institutions in the development and implementation of strategies for effective evangelism and measurable church growth.

Assisting churches in the development of a customized program of evangelistic outreach is central to the ministry of the Leavell Center. Using the latest in computer technology, the Leavell Center, for a nominal fee, can access data from the U.S. Census Bureau for any community within the United States. This information, when interpreted by the Leavell Center’s team of church growth analysts, will yield a demographic and psychographic profile helpful in developing a customized strategy of evangelistic outreach for a local church and in identifying evangelistic methodologies which will prove helpful in reaching a specific community for Christ.

A ten-year analysis of a church’s growth patterns can also be prepared, and both reports can be produced as a PowerPoint for multimedia presentations or a customized CD-ROM presentation complete with audio interpretation. Students currently enrolled in New Orleans Seminary receive a discount on most Leavell Center services.

Each year, the Leavell Center conducts conferences and think tanks dealing with church revitalization and effective evangelism. The participants include students, pastors, and other local church leaders.

One of the primary goals of the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health is to motivate and equip students to fulfill the Great Commission. To prepare students for a lifetime of Great Commission service, the Leavell Center, in conjunction with the faculty of the Seminary, is constantly developing evangelistic mission projects in which our students participate. We call these evangelistic ministries Great Commission Projects.

For more information about the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health, its programs, services, or calendar of events, contact the Leavell Center at 504.816.8820 or visit us on the Internet at www.