Leeke Magee Center for Christian Counseling

Directed by Dr. Kathryn Steele

The Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center, opened in August 2014, serves as a resource for NOBTS students and people in the surrounding neighborhoods, and the greater New Orleans area. The counseling center, a counselor training center, also provides NOBTS counseling students with an opportunity to complete their clinical practice hours.

The Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center bears the name of Leeke Magee, a Louisiana Baptist and NOBTS supporter who died in 2013. Before his death, Magee named the seminary in his estate plan, providing funds to renovate the former William Carey University nursing building on the NOBTS campus into a counseling center.

The counseling program at NOBTS provides the educational background needed to achieve state licensure for Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

Graduates of the counseling programs serve as church-based counselors, as well as in secular agencies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and private Christian and secular counseling agencies in order to minister to those inside and outside the church. Christian counseling is a wonderful opportunity to provide salt and light to our surrounding community.

Counselors at the Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center use an array of biblical, evidenced-based counseling methods to help individuals, couples and families to deal with life issues in order that they may become all that God has created them to be. Counselors at the Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center complete around 650 hours of counseling a month.

Dr. Kathryn Steele, Director of the Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center, emphasizes the importance of emotional and mental health in order to be spiritually healthy. Dr. Steele states: “God has created us as a ‘whole person,’ and His transformational process in our lives must include the transformation of our thoughts, emotions, mental health, and patterns of relating to others. Until we, as the Church, take seriously the need for total transformation of all that we are, the world will not take our message seriously. When that happens, Paul’s prayer will be fulfilled (Ephesians 3:19b) ‘...that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.’ Our prayer at Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center is that every person who receives counseling here will begin or continue a journey toward that goal of being filled with Him.”

For more information about the Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center, its programs, services, or calendar of events, contact Dr. Kathryn Steele at 504.816.8306.