Degree Overview

The Leavell College curriculum is based upon eight competencies:

  • Biblical Exposition

  • Christian Heritage

  • Servant Leadership

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Spiritual and Character Formation

  • Disciple Making

  • Worship Leadership

  • General Education

These competencies serve as the basis for effective ministry whether in the local church or on a denominational level. Our mission at Leavell College is to prepare students for current ministry and for furthering their education at the graduate level. We strive to equip leaders to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandments through the local church and its ministries. Leavell College requires students to complete 30 semester hours in a general education core. The general education competencies should thus be understood as a process whereby students attain certain proficiencies as they progress through the general education core. More specifically, students earning an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree at Leavell College must achieve the following general education competencies:

  • Critical Thinking—Students will develop the ability to recognize, analzye, critique, and synthesize arguments.

  • Oral Communication—Students will develop and deliver oral presentations clearly and effectively across a variety of contexts.

  • Written Communication—Students will communicate effectively in writing across a variety of contexts.

  • Quantitative Reasoning—Students will apply logical and analytical reasoning to the solution of real-world problems. These competencies more specifically address the purposes of the general education program at Leavell College. They also support the mission of Leavell College and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (BACM) is one of four baccalaureate degrees offered and is the foundational degree of Leavell College. Various components of the degree blend together to provide a broad foundation for ministry. The degree requires 121 semester hours to complete. Included in this degree is a General Education component of 30 semester hours. The purpose of the General Education courses is to provide the skills needed to achieve the four general education competencies. A 37-hour Christian Foundation core provides necessary knowledge and skills for students preparing for ministry. A 24-hour Christian Ministry major includes a variety of courses required of all students pursuing this degree. The student will also choose a minors with this degree. In addition, the student will have 12 hours of free electives.

This degree will qualify a student to pursue a variety of degrees in the graduate program, including the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education. Students who complete the BACM are also prepared to participate in the Accelerated M.Div program.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS) is a new degree in Leavell College. Leavell College faculty developed the degree based on feedback from students who desired further concentration in biblical studies. The degree requires 121 semester hours to complete. Included in this degree is a General Education component of 30 hours, a Christian Foundation core of 37 hours, and a 24-hour Biblical Studies major that includes courses in depth courses for those desiring to study God’s word more deeply. The student will choose one minor with this degree and will have 12 hours of free electives.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling

One of the new degrees in Leavell College is the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling (BAPC). Students who earn this degree position themselves well for a smooth transition into the graduate counseling programs offered by NOBTS. This degree requires 121 semester hours to complete. The student will complete a 30-hour General Education core and a 37-hour Christian Foundation core. The 24-hour major consists of courses in both counseling and psychology, providing the student with a balanced approach to a counseling ministry. The student will choose one minor with this degree and will have 12 hours of free electives.

The minors from which a student may select for more in-depth study are

  • Biblical Studies

  • Biblical Languages

  • Church Mentoring

  • Church Ministry

  • General Education

  • Music and Worship

  • Psychology and Counseling

A Biblical Studies minor allows the student to pursue a more detailed study of the biblical text. The Biblical Languages minor provides in-depth study in teh biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. The Church Ministry minor is a general minor for those who desire to continue the preparation of a broad based education without committing to a specific ministry at this time.

A General Education minor is for those who have 18 hours of concentrated study in specified areas at other accredited institutions. This minor consists only of hours transferred from other educational institutions. Students should consult their advisor concerning this minor. The Church Mentoring Minor allows the student to engage in a mentoring relationship with a qualified mentor, discuss current works relating to ministry, and actively participate in ministry while under the supervision of a mentor. A minor in Music and Worship provides the student with basic training in music ministry. The Psychology and Counseling minor is designed to prepare students for further work in the area of counseling at the graduate level.

Dr. Thomas Strong, Dean of Leavell College, provides oversight for these degrees. He may be contacted for additional information at

Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Worship

For those students who are preparing for a ministry in music or worship leadership, the Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Worship provides the foundation for this ministry. The degree is composed of 121 semester hours, including 30 semester hours of General Education courses, a 37-hour Christian Foundation core, and 54 semester hours of Church Music courses. This degree will prepare a student to continue work at the graduate level, specifically in church music. For additional information students may contact Dr. Ed Steele, Professor of Music for Leavell College,

Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry

The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry is a 70-semester hour degree that serves as a basis for the BACM degree. A student may choose to take this degree in order to receive a basic level of education based upon the competencies outlined in the BACM degree or to complete an intermediate degree which will allow one to continue work toward a baccalaureate degree. The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry consists of 24 semester hours of General Education courses, 37 semester hours of Christian Foundation required courses, and 9 hours of free electives. Students are not required to complete the Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry before pursuing the BACM degree, though some may choose to do so.

Diploma of Christian Ministry

The Diploma in Christian Ministry is designed to prepare students for ministry in the local church. This degree is composed of 48 semester hours. Included in this particular degree is the study of biblical interpretation, pastoral ministry, church organization and administration, as well as personal spiritual growth. Students who have not completed a high school diploma or its equivalent are eligible to apply for the DCS. All other requirements are the same as that of the degree program requirements.

Leavell College Certificates

The Leavell College Certificates provide students the opportunity to experience Leavell College basic level work while earning a certificate of completion. The courses successfully completed for the certificate can be transferred into either the Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry or the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. Each certificate is composed of six courses with each course being a three-semester hour course. These courses are offered online, as well as on campus and at the extension centers. In order to be a part of the Leavell College Certificate program, a student must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and complete the online application, including the supporting documents.

Church Leadership Certificate Program

The Church Leadership Certificate Program grew out of a vision to prepare individuals for whatever task to which God has called them. The program is designed to address the need of ministry leadership by providing specialized, short-term training for church leaders. Each certificate is composed of courses totaling between 6 and 8 semester hours. The courses provide a biblical foundation for various ministries as well as practical applications. Students can request a transfer of credit hours from the certificate program into a degree program.

Degree Requirements

A Note Regarding Degree Requirements On the following pages, the course requirements for each of the degrees are listed. Special attention should be given to the numbering system and to the prerequisites. The courses are numbered with the more basic courses being numbered as 1000 or 2000 level courses. These courses should be taken near the beginning of a student’s tenure at college. Upper level courses often have prerequisites that must be completed before a student can take the course for credit. (See course descriptions.)

Prospective students can seek assistance from a Leavell College faculty member in the selection of a degree program. Current students can seek academic advising from Leavell College faculty or from The Leavell College faculty member can also help with the process of the transfer of earned hours from an accredited institution.

Degree Completion Plan for Students with an Associate Degree

A student qualifies for the degree completion plan, if he or she has
*earned an associate degree from Leavell College, *earned an associate degree from another accredited institution,
*earned hours towards a degree from an accredited institution.

Students who have completed an associate degree from another institution or who have earned academic hours at another institution should contact the Leavell College office for advising for a plan individually tailored for the purpose of moving towards the completion of the degree. This plan may include courses taken oncampus, online, at an extension center, or at specialized workshops. The faculty member will work with each person to develop a plan that best meets the life situation of the student.