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Dual Enrollment

Purposes of the Dual Enrollment Program

As part of its mission to prepare servants to walk with Christ, proclaim His truth, and fulfill His mission, Leavell College is offering the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program. The Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program allows high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to work on fulfilling God’s calling on their lives by earning college credit while still in high school. Approved students are eligible to take up to six credit hours each semester and may earn up to twenty-four hours of college credit through the program.

The Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified juniors and seniors to

• Enroll in college courses while still in high school

• Earn both high school and college-level credit

• Eliminate unnecessary duplication of courses taken in high school and college

• Shorten the length of time required to complete a college degree

• Reduce the cost of a college degree; and

• Enjoy an early college experience.

Eligibility Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program must meet the following requirements:

• Be currently enrolled in high school and show proof of completion of the sophomore year or its homeschool equivalent

• Be at least 16 years of age

• Submit an official high school transcript or homeschool equivalent showing a GPA of 3.0 or above in college prep courses

• Submit a parental/high school verification form affirming the applicant’s ability to succeed academically in college-level coursework and affirming the sufficiency of Leavell College courses for high school credit

• Complete and submit the application for non-degree seeking students at Leavell College

Important Terms of Application

Students and their parents/guardians should understand the following application terms:

• Acceptance as a non-degree student does not guarantee regular acceptance as a degree-seeking student.

• Applicable courses may not be offered every semester.

• The student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 in his or her Leavell College coursework in order to continue in the program.

• Leavell College complies with FERPA regulations. Thus, the college cannot share private and academic information with parents/guardians or high school/homeschool personnel unless the student has completed a FERPA waiver form granting Leavell College permission to share such information.

• Students desiring to earn more than the cap of twenty-four hours of credit must appeal in writing to the Dean of Leavell College. Additionally, students desiring to take courses not on the list of approved courses must appeal in writing to the Dean of Leavell College.

• Students are responsible to determine how courses taken through the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program will transfer to other institutions or will be applied for high school/homeschool credit. Leavell College recommends that students verify transferability of credits prior to registering for dual enrollment courses.

Cost of Dual Enrollment Courses

See Tuition and Fees

Approved Applicable Courses

All courses are fully accredited by SACSCOC and thus are transferable, though students first should check with other desired colleges for course transferability. Any courses taken at Leavell College can be applied to any Leavell College undergraduate degree. Students may take courses online or on one of our campuses, depending on course availability each semester. Students in the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program may take 1000- and 2000-level courses.

Approved Courses:

• LCBS2320 Hebrew 1

• LCBS2322 Hebrew 2

• LCBS2330 Greek 1

• LCBS2322 Greek 2

• LCCF1310 Interpreting the Bible

• LCCF1320 Old Testament Survey

• LCCF1330 New Testament Survey

• LCCF2340 Christian Doctrine

• LCGE1310 English Composition

• LCGE 1370 College Algebra or LCGE1372 Contemporary Math or LCGE1374 Introduction to Statistics

• LCPC2380 Marriage and Family Issues

• LCCF2390 Introduction to Counseling

• LCGE2356 World Religions

• LCPC1390 Introduction to Psychology

• LCPC2390 Human Development

• LCTH2340 Introduction to Philosophy

• LCTH2336 Worldviews

  • LCGE1352 Survey of Church History 1

  • LCGE1354 Survey of Church History 2

  • LCCF1350 Introduction to Discipleship

  • LCCF2350 Introduction to Evangelism

  • LCGE2390 Introduction to Counseling

  • LCEM2360 Introduction to Teaching

  • LCMT1301 Music Fundamentals 1

  • LCMT1302 Music Fundamentals 2

  • LCMT2301 Music Fundamentals 3

  • LCMT2302 Music Fundamentals 4

  • LCGE2343 Theological & Ethical Classics

  • LCGE2340 Philosophical & Scientific Classics

  • LCGE2341 Political & Social Classics

  • LCGE2342 Religious & Cultural Classics

  • LCTH2346 Theological Methodologies

  • LCCM2352 Introduction to Mission

  • LCCM2370 Introduction to Worship

  • LCBS2312 Introduction to Biblical Studies

  • LCWM1360 Introduction to Ministry to Women

The following courses are no longer offered on campus in New Orleans but may be offered as an occasional course:

  • LCGE1340 Critical Thinking

  • LCGE2310 Introduction to Literature