Message from the Dean of LEAVELL COLLEGE

Greetings! I am thankful you are taking the opportunity to explore what God is doing at Leavell College. For twenty-five years, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Leavell College faculty; for eighteen of those years, I have had the opportunity to serve as the Dean. During these years at Leavell College of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, many changes have taken place, but many things have remained consistent. Our foundational understanding of the classroom is unchanged. We believe that the classroom (whether it is in a physical location or online) is a sacred place where God intervenes in all of our lives as we are being conformed to His image and for His usefulness. Our commitment to utilizing the teaching opportunity to prepare students for ministry in the present and to prepare students for graduate work remains unchanged. We teach with the purpose that we are striving for effectiveness in ministry in the local church. Our doctrinal foundation is unchanged. We not only subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as a doctrinal statement for our teaching, but we are confident that this statement is also a reflection of our personal beliefs.

Another matter that remains unchanged is God’s continued blessing in and through Leavell College. Each of God’s workings is a further confirmation of His taking pleasure in the ministry of Leavell College - and that is our goal. We desire for God to find pleasure in our lives and in our ministries. Note these blessings from God:

First, the lives of students are being impacted. The commitment of the faculty of Leavell College is to be used by God to encourage and shape lives that can be used for effective ministry. We consider it a great privilege to be instruments God uses and also a privilege to see growth in our students. This growth is intellectual as courses and degrees are completed. But more importantly, the growth is in a deeper relationship with Christ as students are challenged through their encounters in class, encounters with other students, and encounters with the Leavell College faculty on a personal basis.

Second, God continues to build a strong faculty for Leavell College. The faculty is made up of men and women who are first and foremost committed to their individual walk with Christ and to living lives of integrity. I commend to you each faculty member because of his or her demonstrated faithfulness both in the classroom and out of the classroom. We as a faculty are committed to providing a blend of theoretical and practical education. Also, we believe that modeling in our lives the concepts that we are conveying in the classroom enhances our teaching. Actually, we believe that modeling the very concepts we are teaching is an absolute necessity. All of the faculty are involved in local church ministries as well because we believe without question that God has a great plan for the local church.

Third, the graduates of Leavell College are making an impact. I hear from our graduates on a regular basis, and these graduates are planted all over the world in many different types of positions. Some of our graduates serve in local churches, some in mission settings scattered around the US and the world, and some are serving in convention agencies. But they all have one goal to lead others to a relationship with Christ that is growing and life changing. They are relating incidences of God’s moving through their ministries as lives are being changed.

So, I encourage you to join us on the journey at Leavell College and to allow God to use the time while you are at Leavell College to continue to work within you to make you the person He desires. If we can be of further help in answering any questions or in praying with you, please contact us at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 8590 or 504-816-8590. You may also email me at

On the journey,
L. Thomas Strong III, Ph.D.
Dean, Leavell College
Professor of New Testament and Greek