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Message from the Dean of Leavell College

Greetings! My name is Greg Wilton. I am from New Orleans and have served in a variety of contexts, including international missions. I have a passion for evangelism and missions and love helping believers live out the Great Commission. I speak out of personal experience that I have full confidence in the reality and potential of Leavell College to prepare students to live out the Great Commission, no matter where the Lord leads. God calls all believers to make disciples of all nations, whether in full-time vocational ministry or in bi-vocational or co-vocational ways. However God is leading you, I am confident that Leavell College is the place for you. We are committed to our doctrinal foundation, subscribing only to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and remain committed to the vision of preparing students for ministry and for graduate work.

In light of these unchanging commitments, I want to take a brief moment to praise Leavell College in three ways. First, the faculty and staff are superb. They are devoted to Christ and God’s Word and are committed to being as accessible as possible so that every student succeeds. Second, the student body is a joy to be around. Students come here from all over and from different backgrounds, united as a college family through great student life and campus life activities. Our online students are equally special, doing all they can to pursue God through education while also maintaining the regular rhythms of life. Third, our curriculum is a great blend of academic rigor and practical application. Our classrooms, both in physical locations and online, are designed to help students grow in wisdom and in service to God and others. 

Whether you are reading this as a prospective student, new student, well into your education, or nearing graduation, I want to encourage you to look over the content of our catalog. This is intended to be a resource for you regarding degree programs, majors and minors, academic policies, financial aid, and much more. Use our catalog to map out how Leavell College can help you fulfill God’s calling on your life through education. This is why we exist. Leavell College is passionate about preparing servants to walk with Christ, proclaim His truth, and fulfill His mission. We pray God brings you to us to prepare, so that for the glory of God you may live sent anywhere.

If I can be of further help in answering questions you may have about Leavell College, please contact me at You may also call us at 504.816.8590 and we’ll be happy to connect you with the right person here at Leavell College to get your questions answered. Blessings!

Gregory Donald Wilton, Ph.D.

Dean, Leavell College