Student Fees 2020-2021

Cooperative Program Support

This year the Southern Baptist Convention will contribute approximately $4,200 toward the cost of each full-time Southern Baptist student at the seminary. Student fees are effective August 1.

Student Spouse Discount

The spouse of an enrolled, full-time student (main campus only) will pay one-half tuition for regular semester courses. The half-tuition for spouses does not include independent studies, academic intensives, Internet courses, or any doctoral work. On-campus hybrid courses are available for spousal discount, also.†

Missionary Discount

A $1,000 per semester tuition discount is available to returning Journeymen and International Service Corps missionaries during their first two semesters at NOBTS. The discounts are available only to returning missionaries who completed two years of service with the International Mission Board and are full-time students. The discount only applies to the student’s first two semesters and must be taken within 18 months after returning to the United States.‡

Payment of Fees

Account balances must be paid in full each month. Satisfactory settlement of all accounts, including library fines, must be made before graduation. All past due account balances must be paid in full before final day for payment (close of registration for each academic term).

Student fees are subject to change without prior notice. Changes in fees will be posted in the Business Office.

Tuition and Registration Fees

Application Fee (Non-refundable)




RegistrationAcademic Fee - Per Term - Fall/SpringSchedule (Non-refundable)


Registration Fee - Per Term - Summer (Non-refundable)


Registration Fee - Per Course - Certificates


Tuition, per credit hour, all programs

Undergraduate (SBC*)


Master’s Program (SBC*)


Tuition, per class, Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (per course with no additional fees)


Tuition Cap, main campus only

Undergraduate (SBC*) - Take up to 18 hours; pay for 12 hours


Master’s (SBC*) - Take up to 18 hours; pay for 12 hours


Program Fees

Off-campus Program Fee** - Per Credit Hour


Internet Program Fee*** - Per Credit Hour


Non-SBC Fee*** Per Credit Hour, in addition to tuition and other
program fees


Student Services Fees (Per Term - Fall & Spring)

On Campus if registered for one or more courses on New Orleans Campus

Undergraduate - On Campus Students

(1st 60 cr hrs completed)

(61 cr hrs completed)



Master's, On Campus Students


Doctoral, All Students


Certificate Programs (all students)**

Per credit hour, as detailed by program.

Audit Fees:

Undergraduate and Master’s - Per credit hour


Doctoral - Per credit hour


Professional Doctoral Programs:

Per trimester, per credit hour, SBC*


Per trimester - maximum - SBC*


Per trimester, maximum, non-SBC***


Program Delay Fee


Doctor of Education

Tuition, EdD students pay hourly tuition rates for registered classes based on the course level

Inactive Status, per semester


Continual Enrollment, per semester


Student initiated external reader fee


Program Delay Fee, per semester


Research Doctoral Programs (includes ThM & DMA):

In Seminars:

Tuition, Per credit hour, (SBC*)


Per Credit Hour Cap (SBC*) - Fall/Spring


Per Credit Hour Cap (Non-SBC ***) - Fall/Spring


After Seminars:

Per semester, First Four Years (SBC***)


Per semester, First Four Years (Non- SBC***)


Per semester, Fifth Year + (SBC***)


Per semester, Fifth Year + (Non-SBC***)



Th.M. Thesis fee (Continuing enrollment, per semester)


Student Initiated External Reader Fee


Inactive Status Fee, per semester


Program Continuance Fee


*This program is funded by the Cooperative Program in support of Southern Baptist Students

**This program is only partially funded by the Cooperative Program

***This program is not funded by the Cooperative Program

Independent Study Fees:

Regular tuition, per credit hour, as detailed, plus Supervisor’s Stipend.
Supervisor’s Stipend per credit hour



Late Registration


Late Registration-Professional Doctoral Program


Late Registration-Research Doctoral Program


Late Payment Fee


Late Orientation


Master's Thesis Fee (continuing enrollment, per semester)


Return Check Fee (Also includes electronic checks)


Non-Approved Student Application (NASA)


Course Change (per course, in drop/add period)


Application for Readmission


Transcript Evaluation Fee


Transcript Fee, official copy, payable in advance


Withdrawal Refund - see catalog

Class Withdrawal


Seminary Withdrawal


Leavell College Testing Fee


Proctoring Fee (For Leavell College students taking EPP online)

$20.50 (payable directly to ProctorU)

Diploma Fee (all programs)


Absentia fee for mailing diploma


Late graduation application


Thesis/Dissertation Fees (MA, MMCM, EdD, PhD, DMA)

Library & Archival Copies


Doctoral Dissertation/Project Report:



Microfilming & Digitizing


Dissertation/project mailing fee (Domestic)


Dissertation/project mailing fee (International)


Early Learning Center:

Monthly student fee rate includes lunches 


Registration fee, per child, per year 


Insurance fee, per child, per year 


Re-enrollment, per child, per year 


Music Fees Per Semester (Fall/Spring):

One hour private lesson


One-half hour private lesson


Class piano or voice


Recital fee


Dormitory Room Rent (per month):

Semi-Private (per person) 


Private (only when available)


Room confirmation/deposit fee (non-refundable) 


Room damage deposit ($75 subject to refund) 


Apartment Rent (per month):

1-bdrm., Crutcher (includes water)


1-bdrm., Courtyard Singles (furnished, includes water)


1-bdrm., Courtyard Singles (unfurnished, includes water)


1-bdrm., Willingham (includes water)


2-bdrm., Lipsey/DeMent (includes water)


2-bdrm., Grace, Oaks, MS and FL Apt. (includes water)


2-bdrm., Staff Village (includes water)


3-bdrm., Farnsworth Apartment (includes water)


3-bdrm., Farnsworth w/Pets (includes water)


4-bdrm., Farnsworth Apartment (includes water)


4-bdrm., Farnsworth w/Pets(includes water)


4-bdrm., Manor Apartment (includes water)


3-bdrm., Staff Village Townhouse (includes water)


Confirmation Fee - Apartment - non refundable


Apartment Rental Deposit - $100.00 refundable


Pet Friendly Apt. Rental Additional Deposit

- $0 refundable


The Official Payments Plan

An illustration of how the Official Payments Plan can make tuition more affordable

(Example: 9 hours for SBC student at New Orleans campus)

Bank Draft

Credit Card*

Total Amount



Down Payment (processed immediately)



Number of Monthly Payments



Amount of Monthly Payments



*Official Payments charges a 2.5% convenience fee for the use of credit and debit cards.

NOTE: The Official Payments tuition payment plan requires a $15 fee per agreement.