Main Campus

Semester Length

  • Regular (one/two days per week)

  • Hybrid (four times or eight times a semester)

  • Saturday Hybrid (four times a semester)

  • Night

  • Mentoring

Academic Workshops

  • Fall, January, Spring, Red Carpet, Summer

  • Youth Ministry Institute

  • Institute of Christian Apologetics

  • Ministry to Women

Summer Courses

  • One-Week and Two-Week Courses

  • Over/Under Workshops (One-Week Courses)

  • Summer Language Institute

Special Events

  • Institute of Christian Apologetics

  • Institute for Faith and the Public Square

  • Xcelerate Discipleship Conference

  • Caskey Center Conference

Mission Trips/Study Trips

  • Oxford

  • Reformation Study

  • Holy Land

Church-Based Programs

  • Internships

  • Mentoring

Church Planting

  • North American Track

  • International Track