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Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership

Directed by Dr. Jody Dean

The Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership was created to equip, support, and engage seminary students and church practitioners to fulfill the mandate to make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20). The three functions of the Center are listed below.

  • The primary function of the Center is equipping ministry leaders to understand the nature and scope of discipleship and educational ministry. This component includes communicating what NOBTS offers in targeted classes and degrees for equipping educational ministers. This function is accomplished by presentations at annual pastors’ conferences by NOBTS faculty and qualified students, offering in-church training opportunities for pastors, staff, and/or lay teachers and leaders, and hosting/conducting training events for professional educators and lay leaders. Research and publishing of discipleship and spiritual formation concerns and discoveries is also included in this function of the Center.

  • The second major function of the Center is supporting the on-going efforts of contemporary education and discipleship ministers while enlisting and equipping a new generation of educators. This component includes hosting conferences for academicians, professional practitioners, and lay leaders in local church Christian education, to provide opportunities for educational ministry leadership to build peer connections, foster mentoring relationships, and network for career enhancement. The Center supports strengthening denominational and Kingdom alliances with state and national convention leaders, professional organizations, and meaningful dialogue with leaders in the fields of discipleship and ministry leadership from other denominations and para-church entities.

  • The third major function of the Center is engaging NOBTS students in discipleship and ministry leadership. The Discipleship and Ministry Leadership Division’s primary goal at NOBTS is equipping students in Christian education leadership. The Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership reinforces this goal through a Student Organization that supports three major functions of Christian education: 1) Recruiting and nurturing students called of God into Christian education ministry; 2) Providing fellowship and ministry opportunities for Christian education students and faculty and 3) Partnering with Christian education faculty to present local church conferences.

For more information about the Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership, its programs, services, or calendar of events, contact the Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership at 504.816.8277 or Find the Center for Discipleship and Ministry Leadership on Facebook at and on Twitter @disciplenola.