Leavell College has specific procedures for each of its programs.

Degree Programs:

All applications for admission to degree programs in Leavell College must be made online. An application fee must be paid before the application can be processed. Applications include a health certificate, proof of immunization, proof of completion of a high school through official transcript or equivalent (such as equivalency exam scores), a church statement, a statement of conversion and call and references. The student’s application will be reviewed by the Leavell College Admissions Council members who may request an interview with the applicant. This Council is composed of the Leavell College Dean, Associate Dean, and two other Leavell College faculty members. The purpose of the interview is for clarification and edification. See specific fees on the student fees page of this catalog.

When the necessary information has been received, action will be taken on applications by the Admissions Council of the Seminary. This Council is composed of the President, Provost, the Registrar, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Leavell College, and the Director of Testing. The Leavell College office will notify applicants of the decision of the Seminary Admissions Council. The details regarding a decision of the Seminary Admissions Council are never disclosed nor discussed with the applicant. No applicants will be admitted until they have received notice of approval from the office of Leavell College. If an applicant has been denied admission, he or she must wait a minimum of twelve months before he or she can reapply if given permission to do so. Upon approval, a full application must be submitted to Leavell College after one year has passed.

Students who complete one degree program and apply immediately for another must complete an abbreviated application.

Church Leadership Certificate Programs:

Application for the Certificate programs may be completed at the first meeting of the class. An application fee must be paid before the application can be processed. Students can complete more than one certificate. For each certificate the student must complete a new application and pay an application fee. The program is available to all persons regardless of educational background. The applicant must be a Christian and a member of a local church. See specific fees on the student fees page of this catalog.

Diploma Programs:

Application requirements for the diploma programs are the same as the “degree programs,” with the exception that the applicant is not required to have a high school diploma.

Dual Enrollment

Purposes of the Dual Enrollment Program

As part of its mission to prepare servants to walk with Christ, proclaim His truth, and fulfill His mission, Leavell College is offering the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program. The Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program allows high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to work on fulfilling God’s calling on their lives by earning college credit while still in high school. Approved students are eligible to take up to six credit hours each semester and may earn up to twenty-four hours of college credit through the program.

The Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified juniors and seniors to

• Enroll in college courses while still in high school

• Earn both high school and college-level credit

• Eliminate unnecessary duplication of courses taken in high school and college

• Shorten the length of time required to complete a college degree

• Reduce the cost of a college degree; and

• Enjoy an early college experience.

Eligibility Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program must meet the following requirements:

• Be currently enrolled in high school and show proof of completion of the sophomore year or its homeschool equivalent

• Be at least 16 years of age

• Submit an official high school transcript or homeschool equivalent showing a GPA of 3.0 or above in college prep courses

• Submit a parental/high school verification form affirming the applicant’s ability to succeed academically in college-level coursework and affirming the sufficiency of Leavell College courses for high school credit

• Complete and submit the application for non-degree seeking students at Leavell College


• ACT/SAT scores (if taken) for placement purposes

Important Terms of Application

Students and their parents/guardians should understand the following application terms:

• Acceptance as a non-degree student does not guarantee regular acceptance as a degree-seeking student.

• Applicable courses may not be offered every semester.

• The student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 in his or her Leavell College coursework in order to continue in the program.

• Leavell College complies with FERPA regulations. Thus, the college cannot share private and academic information with parents/guardians or high school/homeschool personnel unless the student has completed a FERPA waiver form granting Leavell College permission to share such information.

• Students desiring to earn more than the cap of twenty-four hours of credit must appeal in writing to the Dean of Leavell College. Additionally, students desiring to take courses not on the list of approved courses must appeal in writing to the Dean of Leavell College.

• Students are responsible to determine how courses taken through the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program will transfer to other institutions or will be applied for high school/homeschool credit. Leavell College recommends that students verify transferability of credits prior to registering for dual enrollment courses.

Cost of Dual Enrollment Courses

See Tuition and Fees

Approved Applicable Courses

All courses are fully accredited by SACSCOC and thus are transferable, though students first should check with other desired colleges for course transferability. Any courses taken at Leavell College can be applied to any Leavell College undergraduate degree. Students may take courses online or on one of our campuses, depending on course availability each semester. Students in the Leavell College Dual Enrollment Program may take 1000- and 2000-level courses.

Approved Courses:

• LCBS2320 Hebrew 1

• LCBS2322 Hebrew 2

• LCBS2330 Greek 1

• LCBS2322 Greek 2

• LCCF1310 Hermeneutics

• LCCF1320 Old Testament Survey

• LCCF1330 New Testament Survey

• LCCF2340 Christian Doctrine

• LCGE1310 English Composition (must score at least 18 on the English section of the ACT)

• LCGE1340 Critical Thinking

• LCGE 1370 College Algebra or LCGE1372 Contemporary Math or LCGE1374 Introduction to Statistics (must score at least 19 on the Math section of the ACT)

• LCGE1390 Marriage and Family Issues

• LCGE2390 Introduction to Counseling

• LCGE2310 Introduction to Literature

• LCPC1390 Introduction to Psychology

• LCPC2390 Human Development

• LCTH2340 Introduction to Philosophy

• LCTH2336 Worldviews

Leavell College Certificate Programs:

Application requirements for the Leavell College Certificate programs are the same as the “degree programs,” with the exception that the applicant is not required to have a high school diploma.


The application should be completed at least 30 days prior to the date the applicant wishes to enroll. If the applicant has experienced divorce, the application should be completed at least 60 days prior to the anticipated date of enrollment to allow time for interviews and personality profiles.

Application materials submitted to Leavell College are valid for one year from the date filed. Students who do not enroll within a year after being granted admission to the Seminary must file a new application. Former students who have been out of the Seminary for a full year, must bring their admission materials up-to date by submitting an Application for Readmission. Former students who have been out of seminary for three years or more must file a new application and must re-enter under the latest academic Catalog.


In compliance with Public Health regulations in the State of Louisiana for all students in institutions of higher learning, the following immunizations are required:

  1. Tetanus/Diphtheria-every ten years

  2. Mumps/Rubella-once in a lifetime

  3. Measles - students born on or after 1/1/57 must have two inoculations since 1968.

  4. TB Skin test

The Seminary recommends an influenza vaccine in the fall of each year for students with certain health concerns as follows: congenital or acquired heart disease, chronic pulmonary disorders, chronic renal disease or nephrotic syndrome, sickle cell anemia or other chronic anemias, Diabetes Mellitus, any transplant patient or HIV-positive patient, or any student over age 65.

The Seminary also recommends a T.B.-P.P.D test for any new tuberculosis (TB) exposure. All prior exposures with a positive P.P.D. should be followed by chest X-Rays at regular intervals. Proof of immunizations in writing on official agency letterhead and signed by a health care professional must be provided as a part of the admissions process.

Without such proof, the student will not be admitted into the college. Immunizations are available in the Clinic for a fee. This fee varies each semester, so please feel free to call the Clinic at (504) 282-4455 ext. 8596 for information. Students who request exemption for medical reasons must provide documentation by a physician and be cleared for exemption by the campus medical director and the Dean of Students.

Divorce and Estrangement

Applicants who have been divorced may be admitted to the Seminary if they meet the following conditions:

(a) that the marriage relationship has been terminated by divorce judgment

(b) that at least one year has passed since the divorce judgment

(c) that the applicants present evidence that they have dealt appropriately with the emotional and financial consequences of the divorce

(d) that the applicants’ usefulness in Christian service be highly recommended by a local church and personal references

(e) that both the applicant and spouse (if remarried) are committed to the sanctity of marriage

Divorced or separated applicants are required to complete a Divorce/ Separation Information Form and be interviewed by the school counselor. In some cases, the Seminary counselor may require the applicant to complete standard psychological tests. The Leavell College Admissions Council reserves the right to base its decision about admission on the facts found in each case in accordance with the institution’s policies on divorce.

Current students who experience a separation or divorce will be required to drop out of the school for at least a year in order to allow adequate time for the individual to recover emotionally, spiritually, and financially from the pain and scars left by separation and divorce. In such cases, the student and/or non-student spouse will not be allowed to remain in student housing. The specific timetable for the academic withdrawal and vacating housing will be determined in light of the circumstances by the Dean of Students.

Applicants who are married but living in estrangement from their spouses will be considered on an individual basis. Every effort will be made to be sympathetic with applicants, yet adhere to Christian principles and to protect the school’s reputation as well as the moral and psychological health of the student body.

Opportunities for service in local churches may be more limited for Leavell College graduates with a divorce than for other graduates.

Divorced applicants should explore a realistic assessment of the range of opportunities of service open to them before pursuing ministerial training.

International Students

International students must be able to present evidence that they have earned a degree which is the equivalent of a United States’ high school diploma or equivalent college credits offered in American colleges and universities. International students will need to have their academic records and transcripts evaluated by World Education Services, Inc. (, or any srvice approved the the Leavell College Faculty. Please request that World Education Services, Inc., forward directly to the Seminary a course- by-course copy of the evaluation.

Students whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the Duolingo English Test (DET). Those taking the DET must achieve a score of 100 or higher. See chart below for minimum scores for TOEFL based on testing format.

Either the DET or TOEFL must be taken prior to the Admissions Council granting admissions approval. The institutional code for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is 6472.


Paper-Based Test

Computer-Based Test

Internet-Based Test

Composite Score




Writing Score




ETS policy dictates that “because English proficiency can change considerably in a relatively short period, scores more than two years old cannot be reported or validated.” Therefore, scores must be no older than 2 years.

United States Immigration regulations make it mandatory that persons entering the United States on a student (F-1) visa show adequate resources for their seminary training. Therefore, international students will need to provide a written certification from a bank or similar financial agency certifying they presently have on deposit in a savings account the minimal requirement for one year of study at the Seminary for a single or a married student.

Applicants may contact the International Student Advisor in the Registrar’s Office for the adequate funds required.

To fulfill Department of Homeland Security requirements, international students must maintain full-time status, which equates to twelve (12) undergraduate semester hours per semester. Students must maintain full-time status in order to remain in campus housing.


The college does not discriminate in admission or in the administration of its educational policies on the basis of race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin. Only to the extent required by its religious tenets and allowed by law does the college make distinction between men and women.

The fulfillment of the college’s religious mission requires the college to be the sole judge of which students should be admitted and, once admitted, to continue to pursue a course of study and to receive a degree. In the decisions, the college is concerned with the spiritual, ethical, emotional, psychological, moral, behavioral, and attitudinal traits evidenced in the student’s life which suggest a foundation upon which a lifetime of Christian ministry can be built.

Seminary and Third-Party Access of Student Information

Appropriate admissions and academic personnel have access to student records for processing and maintenance purposes. Directory information, data that normally is public information, is available to the institution and outside sources. Additional information will not be released without the written permission of the student.

Entrance/Exit Exams and Placement Tests

As a part of all degree programs, students are required to demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in English. Proficiency is demonstrated by passing either the English Placement Exam or the remedial course English Grammar. This requirement is a prerequisite to enrolling in English Composition. The remedial English course may not be transferred from another institution. All new students must take the English Placement Exam online as part of the Orientation. Students who pass the exam may enroll in the appropriate English course. Students who do not pass this exam will be required to enroll in English Grammar.

Students’ numerical scores are never revealed. Upon passing the English Placement Test, students may transfer English Composition from another accredited institution. Permission to repeat the English test after failure is not granted.

All students are required to take the Educational Proficiency Profile (EPP) at the beginning and the completion of their degree program in Leavell College. A testing fee will be applied to a student's account the semesters during which he or she will take the test. Students who choose to take the online version of the placement tests will incur an additional fee - payable directly to ProctorU - for proctoring. See Tuition and Fee page for amounts.

Orientation and Registration

All students enrolling in Leavell College for the first time will be required to participate in online orientation. Additionally, students taking courses at one of the campuses must attend on-campus new student orientation. Students who find it impossible to participate in all of the activities during the new student orientation period will be required to participate in the next orientation period. If the student is unable to participate at that time, then the student will be charged a late orientation fee. See specific fees on the student fees page of this catalog.

During orientation, students will receive instructions concerning various phases of seminary life and will be given materials necessary for registration. Students who are re-entering will be expected to attend the first session of orientation. If applicants have not received specific instruction, they should contact the Dean of Students Office.

Transfer Credits

New and returning students may transfer credits from all institutions accredited by a regional, national, or specialized and professional accrediting organization and recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Courses will be transferred on a course-by-course basis according to the policies adopted by the faculty of Leavell College.

CLEP, AP, and DANTES exams may be accepted for credit provided that Leavell College receives an official copy of the scores.

Course work completed at a foreign institution not accredited by a regional post-secondary accrediting commission will be evaluated by World Education Services, P.O. Box 745, Old Chelsea Station, New York, New York, 10113-0745. The student should send an official transcript to World Education Services which will complete their evaluation of transfer credit and forward a course-by-course evaluation to Leavell College.

In order to graduate, students transferring hours into the baccalaureate degree program must complete at least 25 percent of the degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Students transferring hours into the associate degree program must also complete at least 25 percent of the degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Students transferring hours in the baccalaureate degree program must earn one Old Testament elective or one New Testament elective at NOBTS. In addition, they must show evidence of sufficient foundational studies to support the chosen major or minors. Transfer courses from Baptist colleges will be evaluated by the Dean of Leavell College on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelor of Arts in Music students who plan to have music hours transferred must pass the placement exams that correspond with the courses they wish to transfer. However, if a student plans to enroll in an undergraduate course, the corresponding placement exam is not required.

Students may transfer a minor in general education courses from all institutions accredited by a regional, national, or specialized and professional accrediting organization and recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Credit earned in military training may be transferred if the credit is on an official transcript from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency approved by the CHEA, or the military credit may be evaluated by the Associate Dean of Leavell College according to the standards of the American Council on Education.

All correspondence work must be from institutions accredited by a regional, national, or specialized and professional accrediting organization and recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Baccalaureate level work done at institutions not accredited by a regional, national, or specialized and professional accrediting organization and recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) may be accepted in full or in part, or rejected. Such transfer hours will be evaluated by the faculty of Leavell College serving as an academic affairs committee. The faculty committee will make recommendations to the Dean of Leavell College regarding such transfer credit. Students admitted under this provision are admitted on a probationary basis for one semester, in which they must maintain at least a “C” average.

Students enrolled in the Church Leadership Certificate Program may petition the Dean of the Leavell College to transfer a maximum of 18 hours earned in the program(s) to the associate or baccalaureate degree programs. The hours may be transferred if the student fulfilled the Seminary admission eligibility requirements at the time the courses were satisfactorily completed.

All transfer hours must carry a grade of “C” or above. The Dean of Leavell College is responsible for evaluation of all transfer credits.

Transcripts may be evaluated prior to or after the approval of the students for admission. Following the evaluation of transcripts, a copy of the evaluation will be forwarded to the student and the courses transferred will be entered on the student’s official transcript at the Seminary. The fee for transcript evaluation will be charged. Transcript fees must be paid before the transcripts are evaluated. See specific fees on the student fees page of this catalog.

Credits earned at Leavell College and transferred to another institution are at the discretion of the receiving institution. See Leavell College Credit by Examination Policy under Academic Policies.