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Leavell College Adjunct Faculty New Orleans Campus

Tawa Anderson
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics
B.A., University of Alberta, M.Div. Edmonton Baptist Seminary (now Taylor Seminary);

Lisa Baker
B.S., Mississippi College, M.S. University of North Texas

Micah Barksdale
B.A., North Greenville University, M.Div. NOBTS

Cory Barnes
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Dean of Doctoral Studies and Distance Learning
B.A., Shorter College, M.A. NOBTS, Th.M. NOBTS;

Benjamin Browning
B.A., Georgia College, M.Div. NOBTS, Th.M. NOBTS;

Rex Butler
Professor of Church History and Patristics
B.A., Texas Tech University, M.A. Wayland Baptist University;

Rebekah Callahan
B.A., Kennesaw; M.A., SEBTS; Ph.D., SEBTS 

Yungsil Chun
B.A., Ewha Women University, M.M.C.M. NOBTS

Emily W. Dean
Assistant Professor of Ministry to Women (Ministry-Based),
occupying the Barbara O'Chester Chair of Women's Ministry;
Director of Women's Academic Programs & Organizations
B.S., LSU; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Jody D. Dean
Associate Professor of Christian Education;
Associate Dean of Distance Learning; Director of Mentorship Programs for Christian Education;
Director of Prison Programs; Coordinator for Media Services
B.A., Leavell College; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

James K. Dew Jr.
Professor of Christian Philosophy;
A.A., Louisburg College; B.S., Toccoa Falls College;
MDiv, PhD, SEBTS; PhD, University of Birmingham, UK

Tara Dew
Thrive Director
B.A. Merideth College; MEd, Liberty University;

Archie W. England
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew,
occupying the J. Wash Watts Chair of Old Testament and Hebrew
B.B.A., University of Mississippi; M.Div., GGBTS; Ph.D., MABTS

Casey Evans
B.A., College at Southeastern; M.A.,M.A., SEBTS; Ph.D., NOBTS

Lorien Fleener
B.S., Union University; M.A.M.F.C., NOBTS

James Franklin
B.A., Leavell College; M.A., NOBTS

Kimberly Grubbs
Provost; Professor of New Testament and Greek
B.S., Southern Arkansas; M.Div., NOBTS

Norris Grubbs
Provost; Professor of New Testament and Greek
B.S., Union University; M.Div., Ph.D., NOBTS

Shaun Grunblatt

Augustine Hui
B.A., Baylor; M.M.C.M., M.Div, NOBTS

Heather Johnson
B.A., Washington and Jefferson College; M.Ed., Ohio State University; M.A., NOBTS;

Mark L. Johnson
Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Pastoral Ministry;
Director, Doctor of Ministry Program
BA, Washington & Jefferson College; MDiv, ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary;

Derek Kitterlin
M.Div., Th.M., NOBTS

Katherine Majeste
B.S., Mississippi College; M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary; Th.M., NOBTS

Beth Masters
B.A., University of West Florida; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Gregory D. Mathias
Associate Professor of Global Missions, 
occupying the Owen Cooper Chair of Global Missions;
Director, Global Mission Center;
Associate Dean of the Division of Church Ministry
B.S., Virginia Tech; M.Div., Ph.D., SEBTS

Page Mathias
B.S., Virginia Tech; M.A., SEBTS

Karla McGehee
A.A., South Suburban College; B.A., Leavell College; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Jessica P. McMillan
Assistant Professor of Music and Worship,
occupying the Lallage-Feazal Chair of Hymnology;
Director, DMA Program
B.A., University of South Alabama; M.M.C.M., D.M.A., NOBTS

Bonnie McNeal
B.S., M.E., Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi; additional study at Indiana University

Alexander Oakley

Charles A. Ray, III
Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek;
Director of the Accelerated BA+MDiv Program
B.A., Baylor University
M.A., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Lisa Ray
B.S., Florida State University; M.Div., NOBTS

Eric Reeves
B.M., Ouachita Baptist University; M.A., Th.M., NOBTS

Cody Roberts

Robert B. Stewart
Professor of Philosophy and Theology,
occupying the Greer-Heard Chair of Faith and Culture;
Director, Institute for Christian Apologetics
BA, Cameron University

Nicholas Strube
B.A., Leavell College; M.A., NOBTS

Kenneth B. Taylor Jr.
Professor of Urban Missions, occupying the Chester L. Quarles Chair of Missions
B.S., University of North Alabama; J.D., University of Alabama School of Law;
M.Div., Ph.D., NOBTS; M.L.I.S., Louisiana State University

Michael Wang
B.A., Truett McConnell College; M.Div., Th.M., Ed.D. NOBTS

Patrick Weaver
B.A., University of Mobile; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

W. Andrew "Ted" Williams
Assistant Professor of Expository Preaching;
Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services and Operations
B.A., Louisiana College; M.Div., Ph.D., SWBTS

Breanna Winton
B.S., North Greenville University; M.S.W., Louisiana State University

Kendall Wolz
B.S., University of New Orleans; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Greg Woodward
Associate Professor of Conducting and Chairperson of the Division of Church Music Ministries
B.M.E., M.M.E., University of Southern Mississippi.;
Ph.D., Florida State University