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Bachelor of Arts - BA+MDiv Track

Track Overview

Leavell College students completing any major besides Christian Studies or Music can also work toward advanced standing in the NOBTS Master of Divinity degree through the BA+MDiv. Students will complete the standard Leavell College General Education, Christian Foundations, and Major requirements. In lieu of an undergraduate Minor and some electives, this specialized track allows Leavell College students to earn up to 1/3 of the credits required for the MDiv by earning at least a B in specific courses. The courses in the 21-hour track are taken at the graduate level. Students pursuing the BA+MDiv should work closely with the staff in the Accelerated Programs Office and Advisors in the Registrar’s Office.

BA+MDiv Track (21 Hours of graduate courses)



Systematic Theology 2


Baptist Heritage


Proclaiming the Bible

OR Teaching the Bible


Preaching Practicum

OR Teaching Practicum


Pastoral Ministry

OR Women in Ministry Leadership


Discipleship and Spiritual Formation


Christian Apologetics


Maximizing Accelerated Programs at NOBTS

Accelerated Programs at NOBTS (including the Accelerated MDiv) allow Leavell College students to earn advanced standing by taking Leavell College courses in lieu of courses that fit particular graduate program requirements. Students can earn up to 27 credit hours required for an MDiv degree by earning at least a “B” in the following Leavell College courses. Students should select classes as they fit into the desired graduate program. Students will earn 3 credit hours for each course/pair listed below:

Old Testament Survey + Interpreting the Bible

Old Testament Survey + OT Elective

New Testament Survey + Interpreting the Bible

New Testament Survey + NT Elective

Introduction to Evangelism

Christian Doctrine + Theology Elective

Biblical Backgrounds

Introduction to Counseling

Church Leadership & Organization

Introduction to Missions

Survey of Church History 1

Survey of Church History 2

Christian Ethics

Greek 1 + Greek 2

Hebrew 1 + Hebrew 2

Readings from the Gk NT + Advanced Readings from the Gk NT

Readings from the Hb OT + Advanced Readings from the Hb OT