Ministry Wife Certificate

The purpose of the Ministry Wife Certificate is to provide encouragement, direction, and training for student wives in biblical studies, marriage and family, personal spiritual growth, and practical skills. This program is provided free of charge to student wives and free childcare is provided on the New Orleans campus.

The requirements for the Ministry Wife Certificate include The Minister’s Wife WMMW1110 and seven elective courses. Elective courses vary each year. The schedule of classes is available at the beginning of each academic year. One online course for student wives is offered each semester.

  • The Minister’s Wife - WMMW1110

  • Women’s Work in the Local Church - WMMW1113

  • Public Speaking for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1116

  • Biblical Womanhood - WMMW1137

  • What Baptists Believe - WMMW1138

  • Personal Evangelism - WMMW1139

  • Mentoring for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1140

  • A Survey of the Old Testament -WMMW1141

  • A Survey of the New Testament - WMMW 1142

  • Lay Counseling for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1143

  • Community Ministry - WMMW1144

  • Spiritual Gifts of the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1145

  • Leadership Training for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1146

  • Teaching Methods for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1147

  • Missions for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1148

  • Marriage and Family - WMMW1149

  • Wellness for the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1151

  • Personal Bible Study - WMMW1152

  • Spiritual Disciplines - WMMW1153

  • Emotional Life of the Minister’s Wife - WMMW1154

  • Healthy Church Relationships - WMMW1155

  • An Overview of Feminist Theology - WMMW1156

  • A Study of James - WMMW1157

  • Personal Holiness WMMW1161