Women’s Ministry Leadership Certificate

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry Leadership Certificate is to prepare women for leadership in ministries to women through their local church.

Ministry to Women through the Local Church and Women’s Ministry Project are required, in addition to four other elective courses.

  • A Biblical Theology of Womanhood - WMCM1137/2329

  • A Survey of Feminist Theology - WMCM1140/2340

  • Basic Baptist Beliefs - WMCM1146

  • Bible Study Design and Writing for Women - WMCM1225

  • Contemporary Models for Women’s Ministry - WMCM1120/1220

  • Disciplemaking and Mentoring for Women - WMCM1229

  • Emerging Generations in Ministry to Women - WMCM1219

  • Intercultural Missions and Ministry to Women - WMCM1244

  • Lay Counseling for Women - WMCM1134

  • Leadership Skills for Women - WMCM1218

  • Lifestyle Witnessing for Women - WMCM1124

  • Public Speaking for Women - WMCM1217

  • Spiritual Gifts of Women - WMCM1115

  • Women’s Ministry Project - WMCM1216

  • Ministry to Mothers - WMCM1136

  • Ministry to Women through the Local Church - WMCM1215